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David Kaye (DK) has 30+ years experience in international business in over 30 countries operating as an independent business facilitator in the gemology and mineral sector. David Kaye specifically has 30 years’ experience within the bullion and diamond industry. David has traveled the world evaluating the very finest gem stones and purchasing large volumes of physical bullion for many clients over the years.

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David Kaye also is a member of the London Diamond Bourse, a WFDB member, a renowned merchant within the trade and partnered with many exclusive and well known luxury brands. Previous assignments have included working with Chase Manhattan Bank, Kleinwort Benson Wesserstien, Nomura Bank, De Beers, British Broadcasting Corporation, Umicore, Baird and Co and Betts Group to name just a few.

His love for the industry and gems goes far beyond what you will see from him. He is a romanticist in the sense that he wants to see the smile and joy that an item of jewellery or watch brings to it wearer. Or the sentimental value which is sort after when an unloved or dated item is updated and becomes a new heirloom. Which is why we collaborate with some of the best jewellers and designers in the world. It is not unknown for an industry superstar to be working on one of our clients special individual pieces for them, and what is best no one knows except you. shhh its a secret and you know this.

If you are wanting to make a proposal to expressing your enduring love for another person it is one of the most significant moments in anyone’s life. We want you to have the best experience and enjoy the process of creating the ring and for it to be filled with joy as much as the proposal itself, which is why we help you through the process together. We are changing the rules of an engagement with a collaborative approach, exceptional quality at every price point, and technology that places you at the centre of the design process.

Say goodbye to having to do it on your own as we have you covered and have your back, the human connection and we are here to help at every stage.  Love has no limits and neither do we.